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[ovSAGE Regulars] CAcert talk on Thursday: preparation for attendees

Paperwork warning: There are forms used in this process - paper forms. This will be covered in the talk.

Those who attend wanting to be assured are asked to visit the CAcert web site <https://www.cacert.org/> and join CAcert (create an account) before the meeting. There is a "Join CAcert" selection on the top right of the web page. When you complete the registration form, please be sure the name you use matches the ID documents you will bring to the meeting. You will need to review the community agreement to complete your registration. You should then print out several copies of the WoT form. I recommend that you bring at least three copies. You will want one form for each assurance. The WoT form will have your name and such already entered.

There will be at least one assurer present, but there may be up to two more. Please bring one (or preferably two) forms of ID with you.  Government issued photo IDs are recommended. With just two full point assurances, you can collect enough points (min. 50 points) for a CAcert X.509 certificate with your name and e-mail tied to it. You will need at least three full point assurances in order to collect enough points (100) to become an assurer yourself. Once you earn enough points to begin doing assurances, you can gain experience by assuring those of us who assure you. Doing mutual assurances is a very effective training method and it is encouraged at events like this.

While it is not necessary that you register and print out forms in advance of the meeting, it is highly recommended. I will have a number of blank forms available at the event. Of course all are welcome to simply sit in on the presentation to learn more about CAcert.