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[ovSAGE Regulars] February Meeting

Just a reminder that our regularly scheduled meeting is next Thursday, February 16.

In a surprise move, The Second Cup has changed their business hours. As a result, that venue is no longer available. I thought that Tim Horton's across the street was a little small, as we almost took up 1/3 of the location with 5 people, so I'll check out the larger Tim's on Eagleson tonight and see if the remodelling they did reduced the tables or made the layout a little hard to work with. 

Suggestions for an alternate location are welcome.

In other news, I have managed to get my PBX in a tiny box working. It required a slightly different firmware load. It appears they loaded the wrong one and while it was mostly correct, it had support for the wrong hardware modules. I'll have to give their support props, they were very responsive, although I was a little surprised that they expected me to just let them log into the unit inside my firewall.

Debugging the box was an interesting exercise. I'll bring along my notes from that as well as some other interesting observations about it.

Scott Murphy
scott5 [ at ] ovsage [ dot ] org

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