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[ovSAGE Regulars] OVSage BBQ - Update

Hi All, 


Couple of updates RE: BBQ/Potluck Friday, August 27th 7 PM, 138 Somerset
St. West


1)       All significant others are welcome

2)       For any one coming later that 7 PM, call my cell phone (613)
513-8466 so I can come and let you into the building

3)       If you have any movies or Wii games that you'd like to share
with the group, please bring them. I have a BlueRay player.

4)       In case of heavy rains, I have an electric grill that we can

5)       Have a great week. I hope to see you all next Friday.





Tim Inkpen

Network, Server, End-User Support

Phone: (613) 234-1086

Email: tinkpen [ at ] sympatico [ dot ] ca

*	Network+ certified support specialist 
*	Over 12 years of experience at IBM, TimeiCR 
*	Broad background: Cisco to Novell to Windows to Linux 

Problem Solver *  Team Player *  Proactive


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