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[ovSAGE Regulars] Meeting followup...

There was a request for the smokeping page:


For anyone who was wondering about this, I had a case of slow response
from a non-local license server and I thought it would be nice to start
getting a feel for network latency (not that I can do anything about it).

Smokeping allows for testing a lot of responses rather than just ping
and provides some statistical graphing as well. My install was to check
some license servers, but I also had a list of globally accessible ftp
servers (internal) so I added them. That was a real eye opener, as my
access to all of the servers is via a VPN to a site in the US and then
on to the rest of the world from there. The license servers I was
looking at were physically located at the same location as the gateway
to the rest of the world. One would expect that the latency would climb
as I went further along the network segments (hops).

It appears that other than one site which must be at the end of a
1200baud modem, every other site had faster response than the one I was
going through (often by an order of magnitude). This indicates some
network issue at the site and not a topology design issue.

Not my problem to solve, but I now have charts with a history to show
there is a problem when the next network audit happens.

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