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January Meeting: 2023-01-19 @ 19:00

Probably via google meet, details to be sent tomorrow.

A strange way to run your firewall…
I have not done this, I only watched someone do it in a video. I was intrigued and I need to do something about my flaky USG unit. I was in the process of reviving my pfsense on APU for this, but I might give this a try.
Tools in containers (build a toolchain that is independent of the OS)
I’m going to try to do it all with Podman on a VM on proxmox and maybe as a LXC based install (also on proxmox).
Open forum - what do you want to talk about.
Smart Home

I think it is time to get back to making this a technical meeting again and we will ease into it. I have a few projects I am working on that will be good talks and I have practical uses for much of what I am working on. None of what I have above is started yet, but I have the bits and pieces to get started right now. Waiting on a delivery tomorrow for one project and I think I have a pile of things in the pipeline that will be interesting.

Scott Murphy
scott [ dot ] murphy [ at ] arrow-eye [ dot ] com

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