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A very basic container reference

Redhat put out a container colouring book (two to be precise), to explain the container environment and some of the concepts behind it. I guess it was done is response to the pandemic and that adults doing colouring books as a stress reliever has been a thing for a while now.

I placed them on the website: https://ovsage.org/ccb/ccb.tgz <https://ovsage.org/ccb/ccb.tgz>

If anyone wants to check it out, they do show the basics. I looked at them and they do make a good reference as to how the various pieces fit together. I’m considering sending a copy to management as an educational product. Coloured pencils/paint/crayons are not covered in the budget. I suppose we could do a colouring night? (Negative responses only). I might even make them available at work.

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