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September Meeting: 2021-09-16 @ 19:00

Just a reminder that we have a meeting this Thursday. We will use Google Meet again, even though we need to start a new meeting halfway through. I may go back to jitsi, as I find it annoying, so we will vote on it.

Topics: I have a few ideas, but I am a little burnt after spending the weekend reviving another club’s website and mailing list. I’m not 100% happy with it, but it is working.
Converting a Google Pixel-book from ChromiumOS (android) to a normal Linux distro. As I understand it, the method works for all Chromebook branded devices, so that could be an interesting discussion.
COBOL?  I expect that there is close to 0% interest here, but have you ever looked at the code?
CFEngine - I’m in the middle of relearning (actually new learning) how to build things with it. We could talk about configuration management, orchestration, compliance, etc.

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