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June meeting: 2020-06-18 @ 19:00 via Jitsi

Apparently I broke the mailing list (for me) when I repatriated my business hosting from an American provider to a Canadian one.There were previous meetings, my emails never left my server.

So you should get this one and we will have a meeting via jitsi…

As to topics, a timely one would be video conferencing configurations, equipment, server hosting, etc.

I was also considering possibly doing a retro compute mainframe talk and possibly COBOL given the recent spurt of activity on that topic and the fact that the skillset is aging out.

What else…

July could expand on the whole video conferencing thing. I could provide an enhancement portion to my Linux-Ottawa talk from earlier this month to handle additional components as I doubt I’ll have it all worked out for next week.

The details will be posted to the list on the day and the server should be online about 15 minutes prior to the start.

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