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Re: We don't have a location...

Sorry for the late reply...LOOOONG day.  Would anyone be able to offer me a
ride to the meeting tonight?

My cell is 613-219-8229.  Thanks.

On Sun, Jan 13, 2019 at 7:01 PM Scott Murphy <scott [ dot ] murphy [ at ] arrow-eye [ dot ] com>

> As of today, we do not have a location for the meeting. We may have to
> resort to a Tim Horton’s for the meeting, which is not a totally unusual
> location. We met there regularly for quite some time.
> The one in Bells Corners is a bit small, and no guarantee we could get the
> corner where the tables and chairs are, so I’m suggesting we try the Tim’s
> on Eagleson Rd. where we used to meet. I was hoping for a room at the
> Centennial branch of the library, but that has not worked out. I did try a
> few other library branches, but no luck.
> Alternative location suggestions will be entertained.



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