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[ovSAGE Regulars] Note taking app (sort of)

I recently saw an article on terminal note keepers and decided to have a look at them, as I do a lot of copying into a text file or an email, which makes it rather difficult to manage over time, sometimes even over a week.

I could charitably be classed as a data hoarder, so this is probably a useful tool.

The four mentioned are:
terminal velocity
I took a look and think that jrnl fits my needs better than the others, but feel free to check them all out. I’ll see if jrnl holds my attention for longer than a couple of weeks as a virtual sticky pad.

https://github.com/tasdikrahman/tnote <https://github.com/tasdikrahman/tnote>
https://vhp.github.io/terminal_velocity/ <https://vhp.github.io/terminal_velocity/>
https://github.com/dmpop/pygmynote <https://github.com/dmpop/pygmynote>
http://jrnl.sh/ <http://jrnl.sh/>

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