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[ovSAGE Regulars] June meeting is this week at Dymon on Greenbank.

The calendar will be updated shortly. Just reminding people that our meeting is at 18:45 ay Dymon Storage on Greenbank Rd.

Make sure you have your laptop, as this is a hands on meeting. An interest in exploring docker was expressed, so we are going to make sure people will have a working docker setup on their system. This will be the first in a series of docker talks.

I’m not an expert, but willing to share what I do know.

Docker will run on Windows 10, macOS, main Linux distros, so there should be no barrier to entry. We will be using the Community Edition (CE), so if you want to download the installer in advance, you can find it at the docker store: https://store.docker.com/search?offering=community&type=edition <https://store.docker.com/search?offering=community&type=edition> Select your platform and save it.

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