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[ovSAGE Regulars] April Meeting: 2017-04-20

Location: Dymon Storage Kanata
Time: 18:45

Topic: Basic Jekyll + git + github

A basic hands-on with setting up a project website on github.

We will go over the installation of Jekyll on your computer, setting up a github account for your project (if you need one), getting a main project site up, working on your project site remotely via your development machine, testing your site/posts locally, and updating the site via git.

I thought this might be a good time to look at one of the github features we do not often think about. It was that or my talk on static site generators that went over well at OCLUG earlier this month. That can always be rolled out for a future talk if there is sufficient interest.

Make sure you have a laptop with you, as there will be hands-on stuff for you to do.

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