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[ovSAGE Regulars] OVSAGE Christmas Dinner


I spoke to Tammy at Veggie Trails Farm today (corner of Holly Acres and
Richmond).  Some of us have been talking about the possibility of holding
the Christmas Dinner here,  Their prices are very reasonable and the food
is fantastic,  (If you have never been, you should attend one of their
"gatherings".)  They can host up to 14-16 people in the house and they are
starting to book up fast for the Christmas season, so we need to decide
soon if we are using this venue and what date we want to book for.  Even as
I type this, I have been reminded that Betty and I are flying out to Nova
Scotia on the 17th,  I don't want that to be a factor in the group decision
though.  Betty and I have eateh there many times and will be doing so
again.  If this is a go, we need to let them know soon so they can
prepare.  It is a small operation, so Tammy and Steve would obviously
prefer that we make a firm commitment and have as few last minute
cancellations as possible.  It is a unique experience, and you will
actually be able to hear what everyone says at the table for a change.  Any
thoughts?  If the general consensus is "something else", then the floor is
open for other suggestions.

P.S. The place is not licensed, but they generally don't mind of people
bring there own wine.