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Re: [ovSAGE Regulars] Fwd: Lifetime Membership To OSTraining For $79, Be An Expert Web Developer

I have not. It may be a very good deal, I have no idea. 

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> On Sep 4, 2014, at 16:52, Jim Romeo <Jim [ at ] GSPI [ dot ] ca> wrote:
> Has anyone tried this site?
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> Subject: Lifetime Membership To OSTraining For $79, Be An Expert Web Developer
> Lifetime Membership To OSTraining For $79, Be An Expert Web Developer
> There are literally millions of websites online right now. But surprisingly few people know how to build one.
> I’m not referring to those pre-made website templates — I mean coding a site from the ground up. If you’re ever thinking of becoming a web developer (or if you already are), this is an essential skill. It’s really not that difficult to learn, especially with the right guidance. OSTraining provides just that, and lifetime access to their entire library of 1,800 tutorials is currently available at a whopping 96% discount.
> Gain lifetime access to OSTraining and their 1,800 video tutorials plus monthly web design books for $79! Offer ends September 14.
> You don’t need to desire the life of a web developer in order to start learning about HTML or CSS. Many of us already run websites — perhaps you have a WordPress blog, or a Tumblr? — and knowing these skills lets you dig up the code, customize your site exactly the way you want or troubleshoot whenever something goes wrong.
> With OSTraining’s lifetime membership for $79, you get to learn these skills at your own pace. Take your time, absorb what you can, when you can. And move on or go back and revisit any tutorial.
> Here’s a look at what you can learn with your lifetime membership at OSTraining.
> Web Fundamentals
> Every website uses two fundamental languages: HTML and CSS — these are two standards that every site on earth have in common. HTML is the bricks and mortar — the underlying structure. It’s served up in a variety of ways, but no matter what site you visit, it’s always there. CSS is always there in one form or another, too. This is the decoration, the code that styles the bare scaffolding of the HTML. Together, they are the very basics of any web developer’s knowledge base, and OSTraining covers them both in detail.
> Getting Active
> Then, to take things to the next level, check out OSTraining’s PHP section. This is the primary language used by most content management systems (CMS), and it is used to control dynamic content. What’s that in English, you ask? When you visit a blog, it is PHP that checks for new blog posts and delivers them to you in date order. Similarly, when you log in to Facebook, it’s PHP that is delivering the content to your timeline. Being a full-fledged programming language, PHP can do much more, and this is your chance to learn and utilize it to the fullest.
> CMS Tricks
> It’s also worth becoming familiar with your CMS of choice. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal all perform a similar role, but they work very differently under the hood. Whereas WordPress and Joomla encourage developers to create plug-ins in order to add extra functionality, Drupal allows you to edit the root files of the system. That said, WordPress has a shallower learning curve, and Joomla is easier to manage. Best if you just check out the videos and decide for yourself which one suits your needs.
> From now until September 14, get your lifetime membership to OSTraining at a steep 96% discount — usually $2000, it’s now available for $79!
> All sales are final. Membership access is instant.
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