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[ovSAGE Regulars] November Meeting: 2012-11-15

The November meeting is this Thursday, in two days.

I'm a little late sending these out the past couple of weeks. I also discovered that if you happen to have GPG installed AND it signs your messages by default AND you use mailman, your messages to the list can get silently lost. Disable signing and it works properly. As the list is hosted at a third party, I don't know exactly what settings they have in use, but it is annoying. 

This meeting Bruce would like to discuss MediaWiki and installing it with a specific functionality. I think it would be quite interesting to go over the requirements, what he has found to solve the problem and the intricacies of getting all the components to work in a RHEL and Debian environment using packages vs. installing from source and the issues that causes.

If anyone has experience with MediWiki and it’s set of distinctive characteristics, feel free to share your insights and expertise.

Scott Murphy
scott [ dot ] murphy [ at ] arrow-eye [ dot ] com