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[ovSAGE Regulars] April Meeting

This Thursday is our monthly meeting. We will be meeting downtown at The
Pythian Group's location.

The Pythian Group
Ste. 10000 (10th floor)
116 Albert Street
(At the corner of Albert & Metcalfe –in the same building as the Grand
and Toy)

Due to excessive work related activities, I haven't put together much in
the way of topics, however I did manage to get my cisco 2621 router
installed with a new OS and I've installed a WIC-1ADSL card, so it is
currently replacing my DSL modem and watchguard firebox running
monowall. It's still a work in progress as there are a few things that I
have not managed to figure out yet, so we can have a discussion on the
joys of IOS vs the flavour running on a PIX.

We may have some new people attending as well, given whay Pythian does.
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